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Woody Brubaker: Guestbook

Kathryn Taubert

January 2, 2017

Still the best, Maestro. We made great music together, and I still miss hearing your tunes, wit, arrangements and amazing musical feats. Love the new website and addition of your great music!!

jannette adams

December 7, 2016

Wow what a wonderful site, really enjoyed the music.

Barbara Dexter

October 8, 2016

Nice bio and website!

Don Moon

January 28, 2016

Nice meeting you at the NAWP meeting on Jan. 28. Look forward to capture some fantastic footage of your performance.

Bernie Johns

October 5, 2015

You are amazing Woody! It was great having you in Indy for an evening, and getting to sing with you again. Maybe I'll get to Florida some day.

Jannette Adams

December 8, 2013

Great performer, so much talent!

Lenny Dineen

June 25, 2012

Great site my friend

Bill Fulmer

June 24, 2012

You've come a long way from WHS Band and I applaud you for living your life to the fullest with music. Well played, Woody, well played!

Vernie Johns

January 17, 2012

It was great talking with you Woody. I'm hoping to make it down there to hear you one of these times. It'll be great to reminisce about the days singing with you in Toledo. I was very grateful for all your help with my recordings. I hope you'll make it here to Indy too. I think you'd enjoy the music I'm lucky enough to hear and sing with every week. It's a great bunch of guys who just love getting together and having fun. Now that I've signed up for your email, I'll know what's going on with you down there in sunny Florida. Take care.

Sonny Morris

October 10, 2011

Hi Woody,
It's great to make contact with you after all these years!!

Jim Fay

July 3, 2011

Great to hear from you, Woody.

Looks like you have had a great career.

skip haynes

March 2, 2011

woody is a master of musical repetoire selection,a singer's dream & a good friend too me.thanks for all the good times.

Duane Flesher

February 16, 2011

Hey Woody! I still have a picture of the vocal group you mentioned in your bio. Great to see you man.

Joe Ibanez

February 16, 2011

Woody it's great to see you thriving so well!!

"Father" Al Ferrante

February 4, 2011

Thanks for Playing with Father Al and the Jazz Congregation..A great Musician and a great Friend..

Kathryn Taubert

February 3, 2011

oops....sorry for the typo..sigh..that "they" should be THE guy's a pro...

Kathryn Taubert

February 3, 2011

Hey Woody! Let me be among the first to tell folks that I know your work personally and it's GREAT! Hire this guy, folks. He KNOWS what he's doing. He arranged several tunes for my latest CD, as well as accompanied me in them. They guy's a pro.